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ELYPS is a partnership for Urbanism and Landscape architecture. Based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, new landscapes and urban environments are designed.  Theme's as watermananagement, traffic, ecology, housing, city branding, cultural values and sustainabilily are bearers of the design.  ELYPS believes that esthetical design can and must be combined with pragmatism, cost awareness, and a strong eye for the benefits that can be achieved. Some of us look at the stars....   We do!









Sonja Mihaljevic bnt. founded ELYPS in 2007 after a career within Dutch landscape architecture offices. Educated at the universities of Vienna, Austria and Wageningen, The Netherlands she designed many living areas, was and is landscape supervisor of major European projects.


Johan Buwalda joined ELYPS in 2012 after a career in real estate development and design.  Educated at the universities of Wageningen and Leiden , The Netherlands, he created and managed many transformations of living areas.


Foto Sonja Mihaljevic
Foto Johan Buwalda