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Natural traffic calming:

On how Natural Traffic Calming can influence the development of a (touristic) village in a broader sense (English and Chinese)

European landscape architecture 2015

Vakblad Groen 2014

Square Mile:

On how to keep the (old blast furnace) industry feeling alive in the design of the highly urban  Square Mile (English and Chinese)

100+ landscape design 2015

Vakblad Groen 2014


From parking to a multifunctional public area, transformation of the church square in Loil (English and Chinese)

100+ landscape design 2015

Vakblad Groen 2014

Starting with the Landscape

Just by starting the planning with the landscape (instead of buildings) it became possible to create a park feeling in this healthcare project.  A plea for a more dominant  role for the landscape architectuur in urban planning (dutch)

bouwen aan DE ZORG 2014

Vakblad Groen 2014

Shared Space and natural traffic calming in Zeddam:

How a whole village can benefit from the renewed design of streets (dutch)

Groen november 2014

Vakblad Groen 2014

Flexibility in Design:

On how to design with flexibility and temporarily use and design (dutch)


Stedelijk Interieur, jaargang 8/4/2011

Stedelijk interieur 2011

The birth of a remarkable city:

On the transformation of an ArcelorMittal blast furnace in to a vivid and vibrant new city (dutch)


Delta 38 juli 2008

Delta 38/ 2008

The desire to clean everything up is just so great.....:

On the (im) possibilities of re using industrial artefacts and materials Jeroen Bergsma van 2012 Architecten en Sonja Mihaljevic van ELYPS landschap en stedelijk ontwerp (dutch).


Stedelijk Interieur, jaargang maart 2008

Stedelijk interieur 2008

Belval -Ouest:  A new city, a familiair sound

On how dutch design principals make a new city in Luxembourg (dutch)


Stedelijk Interieur, jaargang augustus 2005

Stedelijk interieur 2005