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Europe's longest sustainable water-retention staircase

Article with prof.  Wang Xiang-rong(English and Chinese) Beijing University

Landscape Architecture 2017

Prof Wang

Natural traffic calming:

On how Natural Traffic Calming can influence the development of a (touristic) village in a broader sense (English and Chinese)

European landscape architecture 2015

Vakblad Groen 2014

Square Mile:

On how to keep the (old blast furnace) industry feeling alive in the design of the highly urban  Square Mile (English and Chinese)

100+ landscape design 2015

Vakblad Groen 2014


From parking to a multifunctional public area, transformation of the church square in Loil (English and Chinese)

100+ landscape design 2015

Vakblad Groen 2014

Starting with the Landscape

Just by starting the planning with the landscape (instead of buildings) it became possible to create a park feeling in this healthcare project.  A plea for a more dominant  role for the landscape architectuur in urban planning (dutch)

bouwen aan DE ZORG 2014

Vakblad Groen 2014

Shared Space and natural traffic calming in Zeddam:

How a whole village can benefit from the renewed design of streets (dutch)

Groen november 2014

Vakblad Groen 2014

Flexibility in Design:

On how to design with flexibility and temporarily use and design (dutch)


Stedelijk Interieur, jaargang 8/4/2011

Stedelijk interieur 2011

The birth of a remarkable city:

On the transformation of an ArcelorMittal blast furnace in to a vivid and vibrant new city (dutch)


Delta 38 juli 2008

Delta 38/ 2008

The desire to clean everything up is just so great.....:

On the (im) possibilities of re using industrial artefacts and materials Jeroen Bergsma van 2012 Architecten en Sonja Mihaljevic van ELYPS landschap en stedelijk ontwerp (dutch).


Stedelijk interieur 2008

Belval -Ouest:  A new city, a familiair sound

On how dutch design principals make a new city in Luxembourg (dutch)


Stedelijk Interieur, jaargang augustus 2005

Stedelijk interieur 2005